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  KITZLEN: Grenouille face et pile, 2003; Le Massage, 2003
Above: Waiting for the lorry to the exhibition. Nearest: Grenouille face (2003, plaster, 15 x 90 x 84cm), then Grenouille pile (2003, plaster, 17 x 90 x 87cm), with two from the series XS, S, M, L in the background. (Le Massage, 2003, plaster, 20 x 55 x 45cm is partially 'caught' at the right of the picture.)
At the top of the page: La Femme qui sort (2001, POP bandages, 140 x 60 x 15cm).

Kitzlen: Assis, 2006
Assis (2006, 60 x 70 x 27cm).

Aix (2011, 46 x 18 x 71 cm).

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