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Lifecasting: A basic one-day Introduction

This can be given on a one-to-one basis or to groups.

It is virtually essential that participants provide their own model. (As participants will wish to continue work after the course with a model of their own, this does not seem an enormous hurdle.) It is possible to teach the basics without a model, but participants will not gain as much from the day.

For us to provide models for one-off days, is filled with logistical problems and would -if it were possible- considerably increase the cost.

Basic materials:

Other materials: (these are referred to but not extensively covered)

The course can be modified to students' levels and desires, but as an example:

This course is a basic introduction to basic techniques. The aim is that the student can continue to develop the techniques in their own studio. Students should not expect to take 'a finished piece home' after such a short course.

Timing: flexible, but based on 10-12 and 14-16H.
Normally suggested that we meet between 9 and 10 and then break for lunch as convenient. (Most students --and certainly most models (!)-- find a two hour session quite tiring.) Dates: As mutually convenient (this can be run for one student). Cost (2017-18): 170 Euro (if students require variations with the use of greater quantities / other materials then this would need to be discussed).

All the above is on the basis of each student providing a model and the tutor working alongside (on other projects) when not directly teaching.

The contents of individual courses will vary --not least as courses will be modified to try and ensure the subjects that participants are particularly interested in are covered.

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