KITZLEN runs or participates in a variety of local courses.

For the most part those courses take place in Culoz (a mainline ('TGV') rail junction), but also in neighbouring cities. (Culoz lies mid-way between Lyon (or Lyons, France) and Geneva (or Genève, Switzerland) on the main rail-line (in fact at the junction of the Lyon - Geneva and Lyon - Aix-les-Bains - Chambery - Turin lines). It is in the department of AIN, but its eastern boundary is the start of the department of Savoie (Savoy).)

The technique of lifecasting is demonstrated, either to groups or individuals. With instruction in English or French.

It is useful if individuals indicate whether they wish to participate with their own models/partners.

Techniques range through basic POP, to POP/plaster to alginate, to …


We are working on a more formal listing of courses (a bi-lingual list!) for mid-2005, but in the meantime, do contact us and tell us what you are looking for …

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